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The Colt with No Regrets

Welcomed by Phillip Adams as an important Australian memoir full of insight and humour, this is also a story about growing up.
It’s the personal journey of a 16-year-old boy starting work 62 years ago in “the golden age of journalism” when reporters toiled with hard copy and hot metal and endured a mixture of instruction and reprimand that would be branded today as workplace harassment of the highest order.
The Colt aged 16 … reporting on rainfall, temperatures, tide times and baby shows. Righting wrongs and exposing injustice will just have to wait.
The book’s central theme is a young man’s growing friendship with an eccentric gay Englishman who found sanctuary among hard-nosed, cynical journalists and tough war-veteran printers in an era when intolerance was far more common than inclusion.
The reader follows the progress of a boy gripped with an intense fear of failure in the first weeks of his probation, to the height of his career as a hardened and experienced newspaper editor confronting the Ku Klux Klan, being threatened by dangerously corrupt police, and breaking international news from the inner sanctum of the Chinese Communist Party.
Picture courtesy Alix Sweeney Townsville Bulletin.
Many of the issues in the Colt’s story resonate today and mirror the problems still facing Australian society. Lessons from the past in a sparking narrative which has been endorsed across the political spectrum. “A joy to read… the work of a true professional,” Prof. Henry Reynolds. “One of our truly courageous history makers,” The Hon. Bob Katter jnr.
The Colt aged 38. Facing the downside of righting wrongs and exposing injustice…death threats and a $3 million writ from Kings Cross underworld figure Abe Saffron.

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Conversations with KATTER

On politics, life and things that matter by Bob Katter with Elliot Hannay

Federal politician Bob Katter has a lot to say. The maverick Queensland member for Kennedy – synonymous with his big Akubra hat – is passionate about his country & its people.
This book is an insight into how Bob Katter views Australia; what has shaped the man we think we know; where we’re heading; where we’ve been & how we can better this country for all. We discover the lessons life has taught Bob & how others can implement that wisdom in their own lives.
Conversations with Katter